Boost your Confidence With Clearer Skin Using Skinmate Shark Oil

Boost your confidence before the year ends by achieving clearer skin using Skinmate Forever Young Shark Oil.



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It is undeniable that in order to be in the spotlight, showcasing your blemish-free skin is a-must. It is a millenial goal and considered among the grand-scheme of things.

The saying that goes, “Beauty is only skin-deep,” is such a lame excuse, I must say. While it is true that what’s inside is better than the outside and having a good soul will bring satisfying rewards, it still should not give us an excuse to neglect our outward appearance. And in terms of outward appearance, our skin is the frontier. How hilarious the fact that our pharynx or internal organs are not expose to people, is because we are all covered with skin. It is the biggest part of our body, and moreover, requires our optimal care.

Fortunately, people nowadays are learning the importance of taking care of their skin. It is instantiated with numerous skin care products made available in the market. So, no one has the excuse to say that clear skin only runs in the blood.

Skinmate Shark Oil is one of the vast selections of skin care regimen that can help you win the spotlight. The product is made of pure fish oil that contains Vitamin A which helps removing dead skin cells and blemishes. It also prevents skin from producing melanin that causes skin darkening. The result? — Fair, blemish-free skin.

It also causes pimples to dry up easily which resulted for new skin cells to dominate. For those suffering with severe pimples, visible results can be seen as early as 7 days. And this is not a bogus.

So, my skin is not too perfect. It is not like that skin-glass korean guy you watch on T.V. Just like a typical Filipino, I suffer from few to severe pimples depending on the level of stress I am encountering. Plus, take a picture of the long commute hours dealing with pollution and heat, letting your hands grasp all sorts of item you don’t even know where it come from then, having your hands crumple your face ( Yikes! You see the picture). This all caused me to look so unpleasant. However, when I started using Skinmate Shark Oil, I noticed a significant difference. My skin stays bright even after a long working hours at night. It also nip my pimples from the bud as early as they appear. And I can’t deny that my skin, if not clearer than before, was maintained. I also love the way my skin expoliates without visible peeling, it helps me look fresh and rejuvenated.

Before using Shark Oil, make sure to assess your face first. The mistake I committed the first time I used this product was applying too much. It’s because I thought that its not making any improvement. I even left it overnight on my face and was horrified to see my face one morning with dried, peeling skin all over.

This product is so effective that using it excessively can damage and burn your skin. If you have severe pimples, you can use the product every night with a week interval. But if your skin is normal, you can use it every other day or night. The goal is to make sure you will only put enough on your face.

The product is oil base which means you don’t need to use cotton for application. You just use your fingertips to spread the oil on your entire face and neck. Again, do not apply lavishly.

Leave it on your skin for only 10-15 mins, then wash your face with a mild soap. You don’t need to leave it on your face overnight, that might burn your skin too much.

Since the product expoliates skin, you can expect to feel your face being stretched and dried after 2 days of using it. That means the product is already working. The good thing is, the peeling is not visible and moisturizer is just a plus.

Only apply the product every other day and be patient with the results. The skin normally needs a breathing time to produce new skin cells, so do not force the result. Again, do not apply lavishly.

Also, avoid direct sunlight after applying and refrain from using any other expoliating products like Kojic soap.


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Skinmate Shark Oil comes in 2 variants, this is the one I am using. The product is available in any Watsons outlet nationwide for only 125ph.




Achieve clearer skin this year and stay awesome. Leave your comment below.”

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