13 Reasons Why season 2: Questions and Speculations.

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The fact can’t be denied that 13 Reasons Why is one of the most talked about and controversial series in Netflix. Less than a month after its release on March 2017, it garnered more than 11 million tweets and maintained its standing as one of the most popular shows until the end of 2017. That’s why it is a no-surprise when it renewed for a second season. So, the story is not yet over and the aftermath is coming atleast for avid fans and Hannah Baker’s left 13-core reasons why she killed herself.

Just a quick glance to season one, Hannah Baker killed herself and left 13 cassettes that contain recordings about her reasons why she killed herself. The story flowed from these recordings. And each characters involved in the recordings has their own profound story to tell. Apparently, this uniquely caught the attention of fans and critics. For fans, the understanding of someone else’s life’s journey, struggles and issues to face in life. For critics, the tabooed topic of sex, drug abuse and suicide that greatly impacting the world nowadays. Although, the show’s main purpose is awareness with these topics, it still cannot spare a suffering life from dying. ( Fyi, there was a teenager who literally killed herself after watching the show ).

There are also a lot of cliff-hanging scenes from season one that created fuss and made us all wonder, “what will happen next?” That’s why season two is no-doubtly inevitable! Here, I listed few questions circulating online and speculations that can possibly happen this coming season. True or not, this will make you excited as a fan, or frown as a critic.

When will it be released?

There is a rumour in Reddit suggested that the show had been scheduled for release May this year since the taping for season two was finished last December 2017. But because of unfortunate events such as the tragic high-school shooting in Florida, it has been pushed back. That means it’ll be possibly released this early summer or June 2017.

What will happen to Bryce?

So, in season one, we learned that Bryce raped Jessica and Hannah Baker and it consummated Hannah’s reason for suicide. But it is not clear whether he would be jailed, dismissed or just be suspended from Liberty High as a varsity. Even though Clay was able to put 14th recording in Hannah’s file that proved Bryce’s crime, it still does not guarantee Bryce’s conviction since he came from a wealthy family which means they can manipulate investigation. So it is questionably possible that he will be convicted.

Will there be a happily ever after for Jessica and Justin?

Honestly, Im not Jeju for the win. I just don’t feel enough “kilig” and chemistry with Jessica and Justin. That’s why I was glad when they broke up from the last episode. Jessica is meant for somebody else, and so do Justin, I supposed. And there are new characters that they will meet along their journey in season two. That’s for sure. So, there’s no forever, atleast for Jessica and Justin, hopefully.

Will Courtney go out of the closet?

This one can possibly happen. The fact that season one ended with lawsuit filed by Hannah’s parents against Liberty High, whether Courtney likes it or not, she’s subjected for investigation and she needs to tell everything that conspired the night she’s with Hannah’s room which causes too much perils and commotion at Liberty High.

Will Alex survive?

In season one, a news spreaded-out about a teenager who was rushed to the Hospital because of gunshot. Only later did we know that it was Alex, and he did it to himself. A rumoured suicide, gunshot straight to his head. What’s not clear is if he’s still alive. Who would survive a gunshot on his head anyway? It is also somehow impossible for Alex to do it. So, speculations are;

a. Real suicide, b. Attempted homicide, by Bryce or Justin or, c. Hannah’s ghost. The third is kind of funny if it was.

Will Hannah Baker appear in season two?

Yes, apparently in the form of flashbacks. Actress Katherine Langford confirmed this. Although, she will not narrate the story just like the first season. Fans will get to know more about Hannah probably from the people she get along with. She’ll probably be alived too! Just kidding.

What’s next for Clay?

Same as everyone else, I also felt the same heartbreak during tape 10. The perfect love that lost its way for Clay and Hannah. Surely, there will be a lot of “what-ifs” for Clay this season and moving-on will definitely be a rough road for him. Clay will most likely be seen together with Skye this season, his old friend that has a unique, deep and mysterious character that we should watch for.

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Shooting at Liberty High?

Tyler’s character is such a great market for teens in my humble opinion. He’s the typical wimpy high-school kid who’s been the subject of bullying and teasing. During the last episode, we discovered that Tyler have guns hided in his cabinet drawer. We also saw him in his dark room with hanging portraits of individuals that bullied him in anyway. Will he transform as a psycho-killer this season? Or will he do a shooting at Liberty High. I can say that this would be a controversial plot if ever and the most sad, because I like Tyler’s character.


I supposed there are a lot more questions for season two. And speculations are still coming-out. One thing’s for sure, in spite of controversies and critics of the show, the show still allures interest from viewers that will definitely make it to the list of most talked-about-shows for 2018. I bet.





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