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It is a no-surprise to know that “The Hows of Us” was marked as box office hit a week after its released in cinemas nationwide. The new KathNiel movie that captured the hearts of every single movie-goers is continously garnering good and positive reviews because its story hits reality to the core.

The film starts when Georgina (Kathryn Bernardo) and Primo (Daniel Padilla) accidentally met each other again at their ancestral home two years after their sudden break-up. It was sustained by more than 30-minute narration from George telling how their bittersweet relationship begun.


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We learned that the two were rivals in a debate during college. Both were opinionated and blunt and both have the guts and bravery to oppose the other. Their exchanges of points drew awe and “kilig” among their peers especially when both agreed that they should not fight but instead work together as men and women are complementary. So, they started acknowledging each other and this is when Primo started to court George.

I personally like movies that uses the first person’s point of view because it’s really giving us a glimpse of what the person really feels. In this case, we see George’s. She narrated how little by little she fell in love with Primo. She described him perfectly as the man every girl would want. His charismatic smiles, his passion for OPM, his principles and his genuine concerns for her and her family.

Primo won the hearts of her family, especially Tita Lola (Grand Aunt) played by Susan Africa. She’s a relative of Georgina, who saw both of them to stay in love forever. The ancestral home was bequeathed to them after she passed away and the two made a promise to take care of her home and stay in love forever.

It all went out smoothly. They built their own home at the remains of their grand aunt’s memory. Together, they talked about their hopes and dreams for the future. What they would become, a world class OPM artist for Primo and a Doctor for George that would find cure for rare diseases. They promised to support each other no matter what.

Series of perils happened along their way. Its like their love is being tested and bombarded by destiny to perish and soon forgotten. As Georgina struggles her way to Medical school, Primo on the other hand, is still chasing the big hit as a musician. Failures strangled Primo real hard and we see how it broke him as a person. He became more stubborn and proud. More selfish and principled. It seems that he already forgot his promise to Georgina for a better life.

Georgina became the typical housewife, a martyr one. She’s studying while working to pay for the bills, she cleans his mess, she attends his gigs. She do it all the way to fulfill her promises for Primo, to love and support him which Primo fails to do for her, because he only cares for his passion. Primo continously drag her down the pit of failure.

Their relationship lasted for seven years that ended in one stormy night. It was Georgina’s birthday. When all is dark and dreary, it seems that the heaven pushed its intense gravity to them. They were cut off of electricty and water and there’s no decent food on the table, Georgina reached her breaking point and vent to Primo. It was the first time and probably the last time for the past 7 years of her agony. And Primo, he’s gone forever after that night.

So, the two accidentally met again at their ancestral home two years after that night. Primo went back from Italy and there’s no where to live aside from the home he technically owned, and George is planning to sell the home to buy ticket going to Amsterdam in Netherlands. Primo didn’t agree for the home to be sold because he still would like to win back George, which is a loftier task for him due to their morbid past.

The rest that happened, you have to watch the movie.

Let’s showcase the cast.

I’m a fan of Kathryn and Daniel since the time they starred in Teleserye, Pangako Sa’yo (most of my friends know this). I love the way they portray characters. In this movie, I wouldn’t say that they grew more matured in characters compared to the previous, “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” or “Barcelona” film, since those movies does have more matured and deeper characters. I think the reason why fans and viewers thought of this as their most matured film ever is because of the number of kissing scenes they have which they never did before (sorry to spoil this).

Also, the storyline of this movie is much more predictable and common. It is not a kind of film that will blow your mind because of plot twists. But, that doesn’t mean the movie is not good, it has the simplicity of the story at its finest. The movie depicts what most of us experienced, the struggle to be better, to be the person we want to be, to love and be loved. It’s also a big credit to Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina (it is sad that this might be her last KathNiel film) in bringing the best out from her actors. Daniel for instance, really grew as a man in different shots and was able to reflect his suave charisma. Even in dark lightings, his shots of being a quite man, submitting to his shortcomings really hit me to the bones. Also, Kathryn shots were also beautifully taken. She’s such a woman. Her acting during confrontations drew her audiences to tears.

There are also other characters I like in this film. Mikko, played by Juan Miguel Severo. He’s a friend of George that gives her tons of advises and warnings about her relationship with Primo. Later did we know that he’s envy with George because she was able to experience being a martyr of love which he missed out in life. I like what he said, “The grass is always greener on the otherside, it just depends at how you look at it.”

Ria Atayde, also showcased his character as Awee, another friend of Georgina that has a bubbly personality. She’s the opposite of Mikko when giving advise to George. What she said in the movie is remarkable, “If I don’t love the person, I will not draw lines, I will leave.That’s my opinion.” Something to that effect.

This film also introduced Darren Espanto as Yohan, the younger brother of Georgina that has a retinopathy. It’s really surprising to see him doing acting even though I’m not used to it yet. His character plays an important role in the movie.

There are also a lot of scenes that would make you laugh in this movie. The part where George and Primo divided their spaces in the house and draw lines for their territory. This is quite unrealistic though, but atleast it serves the purpose of bringing kilig to the viewers. There are also some scenes and segways from Baby, played by Jean Garcia, mother of Georgina that I find hilarious indeed!

Best Scenes.

There are scenes that hit me hard in this movie. Like it really drew me to tears. But there is also one scene that I should consider a hiccup in my humble opinion. I will not discuss that scene here, because I want to focus more on the best scenes.

The scene when George needs to carry a drunk Primo home is heartbreaking. It was the same day as her examination to be a medical practioner. However, Primo didn’t go home the night before, so she looked after him and found him drunk at a bar. She even paid for all the damages that Primo caused like broken tables and chairs and carry him home because he can’t even stand on his own. I was teary to see a crying Georgina doing all this with her school outfit and books. She’s at the verge of making decisions whether to leave Primo alone lying on the road and attend the exam, or do not take the exam and carry Primo home. The fact that it really happens in real life when you need to choose between two most important things in life is hard as fuck.

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Also, the night when Georgina vent to Primo and tell him everything she feels. It was an intense drama and a clear picture of a broken and failed relationship, the one that got lost in battle. Primo’s response to Georgina’s emotional breakdown shows how broke he was. He was quietly and calmly asked questions that has an answer any guys wouldn’t want to hear.

Then, the scene in Amtersdam where Primo told George everything that happened to him for the past two years is so overwhelming. They were chasing the Tulips, but unfortunately its season was ended. They instead saw a vast scale of bloomed flowers all the way to the horizon where the sun sets. It was such a beautiful picture. This scene gives so much lessons in life. I felt the way Primo feels as he’s unfolding what he went through to the point of him ending his life. His point of view when he saw the sunset and sun rise is deep. I really felt like I was him. He used a lot of qoutable qoutes that is life inspired. One of the things I learned from him is, “Sometimes, you really will not end up to the place you want to be, but there is always be a better place.”

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There a many life lessons that one will learn from this movie, not only in love, but in different aspects like handling failures. That life is a cycling of going up and down and it will not stay in the same situation. That in life, patience is always the key to find success and being proud will bring destruction to you and those people around you. That your plan may not be the better plan because God is preparing you to where you should really are. This film is really worth the money and I could say that I’m really a KathNiel fan afterall.


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