From “Aling Vicky” to “Selfie muna” real quick.

What’s great about social media is it serves as a venue for Filipinos to channel their innate creativity and sense of humor amidst stressful life. Every month or week, there is surely something new that will flood your newsfeed via storm by a sudden popularity of person, event or activity.

Like for some reason, a video clip from 2001’s movie “Baliktaran: Si Ace at si Daisy” that stars Ruffa Mae Quinto and Bayani Agbayani went viral this week.

In the clip was a boy, shouting to group of women who were playing majong, and looking for Aling Vicky saying that her child fell in the sewer. In panic, Aling Vicky, with his award-winning acting left the group. However, she went back quickly and when her friends asked her why, she said she forgot something.

When her friends prodded what, she then said, “Hindi nga pala ako si Aling Vicky.”

The video clip gathered different funny reactions from netizens making Aling Vicky the famous name among the neighborhood. Some created witty and “hugot” lines from it. Others created memes and even used the pictures of celebrities like dermatologist Vicky Belo and reporter Vicky Morales. What’s more hilarious is the ongoing search of who really is the real Aling Vicky. This comedic trend can make you forget your problems like Aling Vicky did, who is not the real Vicky.


Aling Vicky spotted the trend list on twitter and it is obvious that she made everyone happy indeed. Kuddos Aling Vicky !!! ( where are you though?).





Few days after Aling Vicky’s reign in social media, another trend via storm hit the newsfeed of every single internet users. The famous “Selfie muna” is giving everyone a fair share of guffaws and painful stomach. The trend features both domesticated and wild animals of their own “selfie muna” version. Giving the simple truth of what these animals be doing given a phone for picture taking is incredibly hilarious. Their captions are just so real.


This “selfie-muna” didn’t spare even celebrities who has their own trademarks, like Korina Sanchez and Aling Vicky… I mean, Vicky Belo. Look how Filipinos can create bountiful happiness and goodvibes.



And what most are feeling about this? Goodvibes!





Indeed, Filipino brains are awesome. No matter how hard life can be, there’s always something that will make life happy. Keep the smart juices flowing peeps!



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